Borgovico 33 takes its origin from the reconversion of the former church of the Santa Caterina Convent in Como. Built in 1634 on foundations dating from 1200, the church has a varied history: in 1740 a diocesan seminary; deconsecrated in 1800, it is then transformed into a military barracks to subsequently pass on to private hands becoming a cotton mill, a grocer’s warehouse and then totally abandoned. Notwithstanding the neglect, one can detect the potential of the space.

A preliminary cleaning reveals traces of frescoes which suggest a conservative intervention. The renovation project restores stature to a space where history and technology coexist together. At this point the dream of a center for art reiterating the sacredness of the space becomes a reality. In 2002, the cultural association
borgovico 33 is founded to host contemporary events.