The IFDUIF Video Festival is glad to announce that the seventh edition, in collaboration with the Biennale dell’Immagine di Chiasso, has been scheduled for Saturday, 20 November, 2004.
The manifestation is divided into two distinct parts, the first will be held at the Associazione Culturale Borgovico 33 in Como, the second in the former Calida factory in Chiasso.

The Video Program follows:

At 17.30

Ito Takashi Special
Location: Associazione Culturale Borgovico 33,
Via Borgo Vico 33 - Como

Ito Takashi, the Japanese video filmmaker, in the 80-90’s began experimenting with a new film language which often used closed spaces such as his apartment or neighborhood and members of his family. Ito Takashi is talented in playing with images and music to enliven his oneiric creations which capture the spectator’s attention like an abstract film hallucination.

At 21.00
Special Francia – Special Italia,
Special Olanda – Special Svizzera
Location: Stabile Ex-Calida,
Via Fontana da Sagno – Chiasso

The evening is based on a selection of the most recent work of European video artists divided according to nation of origin.
The videos are each 10 minutes long maximum and are presented at a fast sequential pace to create a sort of original and first edition television viewing (everything you ever wanted to see on TV but were afraid to ask).

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Associazione Culturale Borgovico 33
via Borgo Vico 33
22100 Como – Italy
++39 031 57 60 29
++39 031 33 85 220

Ufficio Cultura
Comune di Chiasso
Via Dante Alighieri 3b
CH 6830 Chiasso

++41 91 695 09 14
++41 91 695 09 18

Galleria Cons Arc
Via Borromini 2
CH 6830 Chiasso

++41 91 683 79 49
++41 91 682 90 43

Ufficio Stampa
Ellecistudio, Como

++39 031 301037
++39 031 299028